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CreditLinks is a plug and play offering to organizations who have customers requiring loans.

We offer a suite of loan products from a curated set of leading lenders.

This unique, innovative, first in India proposition leverages technology to offer speed and accuracy in intelligently matching borrowers to lenders.

We are a world leading intelligent personal loan aggregation platform


Here’s how  CreditLinks can help you



We provide you access to intent customers for new loan origination

You set the adjudication criteria/parameters and our API matches you to consumers within those criteria to ensure optimal conversions of applicants through our ecosystem

No upfront costs, only pay for leads that actually convert

Banks & Direct to consumer organizations

Our multi-lender loan engine provides your customers with multiple offers regardless of their credit situation / score

Increased likelihood of your customer being approved vs. a single sourced lender platform

Helps you build an additional revenue stream for your business

A simple plug and play solution ensures minimal integration effort at your end


Get in Touch

If you would like to learn more about working with us.

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